Problem and solution essays

problem and solution essay

A Problem and Solution Essay is a form of persuasion essay. In this type of essay, instructors try to establish the student's ability to comprehend and synthesize academic content. The student therefore has to describe the problem, convince the audience to care about the problem, and propose solutions to the problems. If you are wondering how to write this type of essay, below is a guide for you to follow.

The Problem and Solution essay is an advanced form of composition imposed on students by academic institutions to assess student's ability to grasp concepts and apply them in real-life. Such a task demonstrates the ability to become a great writer and analyst of the English Language. 

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What is Problem and Solution Essay?

If you are wondering what is a Problem and Solution Essay, you have come to the right platform. It is an argumentative essay that unveils a specific problem and offers solutions. It usually comprises four primary components: the situation, the problem, the solution, and the evaluation. The writer or author discusses the case in the introduction paragraph, while the assessment includes the problem and solutions.

Good problem and solution essays should focus on bringing out solutions that you can implement. Instructors are keen to assess how you integrate solutions and problems.   

Problem and Solution Essay Example

This is the right platform to look for a problem and solution essay example. Our experts can provide samples upon your request. This section delves into qualities they consider when writing this type of essay.


When making an argument, you want to be keen, keeping your ideas short and straightforward while considering the length requirements.


Despite the diversity of ideas in your work, you should focus on a single point that aligns with the thesis statement.

Chronological order and structure

You need to do your work systematically and include between ideas. This ensures that you do not confuse your readers.

Relevance to topic

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 Problem and Solution Essay Format

Our experts discuss the Problem and Solution Essay Format here. They consider a range of factors including writing rules. Writing comprises of rules and regulations that contribute to integrity. By sticking to these rules, one appraises the international educational standards set for students by academic institutions. Below are some of the things to put in mind while writing a problem and solution essay:

Your audience

Always consider your audience before writing your essay. In this case, try to put across a problem and convince the audience to care about the solutions.

Problem and Solution Essay Example College

If you are looking for Problem and Solution Essay Example for College, this is the right forum for you. We have experts who can provide examples upon your request. This section delves into aspects of the essay that contribute to the integrity of the essay.

The purpose of your essay and audience are connected. You have to perceive your audience to realize whether they will care and if the writings will have an impact.

The flow

Your work needs to be systematic. Ensure your transitions flow smoothly in a way that does not confuse the readers.

Research material

Your research should include data that includes case histories, examples, authoritative quotations, and or statistical pieces of evidence

 Problem and Solution Essay Outline

This section delves into the Problem and Solution Essay Outline. It considers rudimentary factors that contribute to a good essay.


Your introduction should have a hook. The hook acts as the attention-getter. The hook can be an apt quotation, a brief anecdote, or a striking example to capture your audience's interest. It should also include background information on the problem and its development, including historical data. The hook will help inform your reader of the procession of events. Finally, it should also include your thesis. The thesis states your paper's central and controlling concept.


The body is the central part of your essay that elaborates and builds up your idea. When it comes to a problem and solution essay, the body comprises three parts:

Cause of the problem

This is the first part that includes the contributing and significant causes of the problem. Your research should include data such as case histories, examples, authoritative quotations, and or statistical pieces of evidence. This part should consist of the parties benefiting from the situation and the policies that contribute to the problem.

Effects of the problem

It would help if you focused on the laws, government programs, and regulations that influence the problems discussed. In this section, discuss how the problem affects society in the short and long term . Finally, it would help to discuss the short-term and long-term implications.

Solutions to the problem

This should be the longest part of your essay. It should discuss the proposed solutions. Discuss the long-term and short-term solutions in this section. You are allowed to have opinions and provide recommendations on what you feel are best.


This is the final part of your essay. It should comprise what deductions you have drawn from your essay. It should summarize your points in the paper and call your reader to action.

Problem and Solution Essay Topics

If you are looking for Problem and Solution Essay Topics, look no further. This section provides them. Selecting a good topic is a crucial part of writing a good problem and solution essay. Choose a topic you are already well versed in as it makes tackling your essay easier. Below are several excellent issues handpicked explicitly for you:

1. How can racial discrimination be solved in our society?

2. How to reduce the gender pay gap

3. Ways to improve digital privacy

4. How to solve gang violence

5. Ways to solve unemployment

6. How to increase the rate of tourism

7. How to promote cultural diversity in an organization

8. How to get a person out of a toxic and abusive relationship

9. How to break the chain of abuse through generations

10. How to stop human trafficking

11. How to reduce suicide rates

12. How to reduce the rates of anxiety and depression

13. How to solve green washing

14. How to deal with a self-disruptive student

15. How can the government enroll and keep more students in school

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay

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In conclusion, research has demonstrated that writing is an integral part of developing language skills. A problem and solution essay provides academic institutions with a chance to assess a student's ability to cultivate a solution for a problem existing in society. This guide has laid out the fundamentals required for writing. You should have it easy composing the essay. For additional information, you can always reach out. 

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