Persuasive Essay Definition

persuasive essay

The Persuasive Essays Definition that befits academics borrows much from argumentative essays, as the writer uses logic and arguments to provide the audience with information concerning ideologies or points of view. The author needs provide solid evidence for a statement, such as quotes from experts, research data, logical reasons, examples, facts, and background information. The article below focuses on this type of essay. Additionally, it conveys strategies on how to write a quality paper that meets the highest standard.

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Persuasive Essay Example

If you are looking for a Persuasive Essay Example, you have come to the right place. Our team provides samples upon your request. Concerning persuasive essays, our team advocates the use of logic, facts, data, research, and background information to convince the audience on a particular ideology. To achieve a strong argument, should consider certain factors in your essay. Always ensure you have a wide range of information and knowledge on the topic you want to tackle.

Writing a persuasive essay aims to convince, motivate, or move readers towards a particular point of view or opinion. You can argue more than one particular point as the primary idea of an argument is witnessing two sides giving facts in an unbiased manner. Therefore, all your arguments should be factual and support relevant sources.

Persuasive Writing Structure

This section provides information on the Persuasive Writing Structure. Here we consider qualities that are crucial for writing a high quality essay.


You should write your essay so that your reader can easily understand. You should ensure a smooth flow of ideas organized logically. The transition and development of your work should be chronological and connected with relevance as the central focus.


Although each paragraph is broken down into separate parts, they should all build-up to the main idea; the details should revolve around the subject matter.


When writing a persuasive essay, the main thing to keep in mind is clear focus and follow-through. Furthermore, it should follow the direction of your thesis or topic sentence; this helps you not derail from the subject at hand.


All your paragraphs should work hand in hand to build up and help you make your argument. Your body should give background information and reasoning for your ideologies or opinions.


The reader should establish the purpose of your work; try not to inject your own opinions as it may confuse the readers. Ensure all your points are clear and concise to achieve clarity.

Persuasive Essay Structure

This section delves into the Persuasive Essay Structure by conveying information on qualities that enhance its structure.


Your paragraphs should contain statements that are relevant to the primary subject matter of the essay. At the same time, your topic sentence sets up the main idea, the supporting sentences give it relevance and detail to support your views.


This refers to the degree of stability and consistency of your arguments projected by the results you produce after researching the topic.

Logical consistency

All your arguments should have a formal analysis that helps you as a writer develop and prove arguments.


You should write your essay such that your reader can easily understand. All your ideas should flow in a smooth manner. The same ideas should have a chronological organization. This makes it easy for your readers to understand the logic you are trying to put across.

Persuasive Essay Outline

This section analyzes the Persuasive Essay Outline. A good outline comprises the structure and organization of the paper as integral components of the paper. A paper lacking a strong introduction, well-organized body paragraphs, and an insightful conclusion is ineffective despite how well it incorporates grammar. Below is the complete structure of a persuasive essay:

The introduction

The introductory paragraph is used to introduce the argument of your paper, and a well-constructed paragraph immediately captures your reader's attention. It gives appropriate background information on the subject matter of your essay. For example, it might include a summary of the ideas discussed and other relevant information and a solid thesis statement to present a strong argument.

The body

This is where the actual development of your paper's argument is; it traditionally consists of three or more paragraphs depending on the word requirements instructed. Each body paragraph should present a single idea or a set of related concepts in support of your argument. The most effective way to create an outstanding body is through sections; the first statement in a body paragraph is a topic sentence. The next part is the background information then a concluding statement or a transitional statement.

When writing your paragraphs, keep in mind that their sole purpose is to help develop your argument and not just describe the paragraph's content.


Your conclusion aims to restate the paper's argument without repetition. Your conclusion should not simply be a copy of your introduction but instead, draw together your argument and show what direction it has taken. Its primary purpose is to bring insight to your audience, leave them with something to think about.

Persuasive Essay Format Example 

This section provides Persuasive Essay Format Examples. Our experts have sample essays for you. They can provide them upon your request.

 Choosing a suitable topic for your essay can be cumbersome, especially if you have no idea what to write about or have a vague question. Below is a list of suitable topics in question form to help you make your argument better:

1.    Should farmers euthanize aggressive animals?

2.    Should therapists break their vows and testify in court?

3.    Does genetics determine human character?

4.    Does society influence sexual orientation?

5.    Should the government regulate internet use?

6.    Should the government euthanize pedophiles?

7.    Should sports mix to attain gender equality?

8.    Should people have to go through psychological testing before being able to have children?

9.    Are all parents good?

10.                      Should parents provide their children with allowances for chores?

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