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When studying for an exam, stuck on a reading assignment question late at night, or struggling to analyze a novel, our literature tutors are at your disposal. Get help with themes, plot diagrams, and all related materials. Every session is personalized to what you need help with. Our literature tutors help you understand how to diagram the plot and identify critical themes among other literary devices. We have literature tutors from the introductory undergraduate level, including AP English Literature. Learn more about how we help literature students at all grade levels.

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English Literature Tutor

Many people need extra help in English Literature homework or exams, whether it means Shakespeare, analyzing Woolf, or comparing different Romantic poets. Our tutors are very proficient and well versed and will help you understand the topics, boost your confidence and excel in your exams. Working with a certified AP Literature tutor is a great way to increase your self-confidence heading into your exam. We can also arrange your preferred private or group tutoring with the best-suited instructor on your behalf. Here are a few of the benefits associated with online AP English Literature and Composition tutoring:

Online Literature Tutor

We have a team of fantastic online tutors teaching hundreds of subjects, and we're sure you can find the best-suited tutor for you instead of one that happens to be nearby. This helps you cut out travel time and costs by choosing online lessons, as they give you the flexibility to fit classes around your schedule so you can learn wherever you are, whenever it suits you.

We have advanced technology that allows tutors and students to build an excellent rapport, meaning students can increase confidence and achieve their goals with online lessons. Our online classrooms have the necessary tools to get the literature help you need. We have a two-way interactive whiteboard that lets you diagram plots and brainstorm answers to questions about tone, mood, and other literary devices. You can easily edit and correct essays and papers in real-time with our file sharing tool, and you can still use our chat feature to discuss specific questions with different fonts and colors to articulate your thoughts better.

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Literature Topics Covered

Below are some of the literature topics covered by our tutoring service

·       Classic literature

·       American literature

·       World literature

·       Poetry

·       Shakespeare

·       Themes

·       Analysis

·       Criticism

·       Comprehension

·       Setting, tone, mood

·       Exposition

·       Personification

·       Similes

·       Imagery

·       Foreshadowing

Literature Help for you

Working with a private literature tutor is the best way to pick up the necessary skills. Your tutor will also show you how fun reading can be if they understand what they are taking in. By teaching in terms that make sense to you, you will find joy and start picking up books independently. For many students, it is simply frustrating to sit down and read because there are so many external stimuli that can distract you. When you block this out, you will be learning self-control skills that will carry over for the rest of your life.

How to know you need a private Literature Tutor

Below are some of the factors to help you identify if you need a private tutor, but the question in itself is a reason why.

1.    Slipping Grades

One bad grade doesn't necessarily mean you're starting to spiral. However, you will want to keep an eye on how future grades go. If you keep struggling to get back to your ideal scores, especially when you've been putting in the effort, it may be time to look for a tutor.

2.    Asking for More Help

It's normal to ask for help or need things clarified every once in a while, but if you start needing more help than usual. Or when your aides can no longer answer your questions, it's probably a good idea to look into professional service.

3.    Increased Anxiety and Lack of Confidence

When homework and tests start affecting your mood, it's time to ask for assistance. While a bit of nervousness right before a big test is standard, grades should never cause too much anxiety. Successful tutoring helps a child become self-assured and have newfound confidence, which may lead to increased participation in the classroom."

4.    Time Management Issues

If you find yourself putting off homework and projects or spending too much time on tasks, that may be another sign you need help. Avoiding homework or fighting over it may be your mind's way of protecting you. When you also take hours to complete one assignment, that's a clear sign that you're not quite grasping the material.

Benefits of using a virtual literature tutor

1. Flexibility of time and location

There's much more ease in scheduling your learning sessions with direct online literature tutoring. You only need to design the time to fit in around you and your tutor's availability, rather than all your other classmate's schedules.

2. Tailored tuition

One of the advantages of online literature tutoring is the personalized learning environment. As alone with your tutor in the sessions, the syllabus can be curated to what you want to learn about and put more focus on any subject areas in which you feel weaker. This also means that you have their full attention throughout the sessions, giving you constant access to their help and feedback.

3. Expert tuition, wherever you are

One of online learning is that it allows you to eliminate any geographical constraints and connect with expert tutors from anywhere in the world. Meaning you can connect yourself with the very best tutors from Oxford and Cambridge, no matter where you are.

4. Easily accessible

Online tutoring only requires your computer and a good Wi-Fi connection. Unlike in-person private tuition, where you or your tutor may need to travel and then find a designated study space where you can avoid interruptions, it's straightforward.

How much does literature tutoring cost?

Tuition prices are according to the level you want help with:

The rates for Primary school, Secondary and Higher Education prices start at $30 an hour, while the rates for Undergraduate and Postgraduate tutoring prices start at $45 an hour. Lastly, professional help for Chartered Qualifications and Admissions Test tutoring is $55 an hour.

The average price ranges are based on the tutors' ratings, experience, number of working hours, expertise, and the level of the student. These ranges are also affected by the tutor's location and if the student needs any special care.

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