Business Strategy Definition

A business strategy is a powerful tool to help you reach your goals by defining the methods and tactics you need to take for your business within the company.  A business strategy guides many organizational decisions, including hiring new employees. It takes time to develop and create a business that's in line with the vision you have for your company.

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How to write a business strategy

If you are wondering ‘How to write a business strategy’, this information is for you.

A business strategy is a clear outline of a company's decisions and actions as plans to reach its goals and objectives. It defines what a company needs to do to achieve its goals by guiding the decision-making process and allocating resources. It also helps multiple companies with similar visions in mind work together and that departmental decisions support the overall direction of a company.

It can be described as a plan implemented by the management to secure a competitive position in the market while carrying out its operations, please the clientele, and achieve desired ends. It is a long-range sketch of the selected image, direction, and destination.

Writing a business strategy paper

If you are writing a business strategy paper, this might be helpful. A business strategy is about how a company chooses to place or position itself amongst its competitors to gain a competitive advantage. Below are several business strategies:

Cost leadership

This is a term used when a company projects itself as the cheapest provider or manufacturer of a particular provider of a specific service, product, or commodity. Cost leadership is challenging to deploy, as one must constantly reduce costs on every level to remain competitive. Despite this, it is highly effective in gaining market shares and drawing customers' attention.

Cost leadership does not mean a company is supposed to produce substandard goods or inferior quality due to the cheap rates. Doing so will automatically lead to failure as most customers tend to go for quality over quantity. To use this strategy, a company has to produce goods of acceptable quality for a specific set market.


This is a business strategy developed by providing your customers with a unique item or service that is different and distinct from what other competitors in the market offer. The main objective of implementing this strategy is to increase your competitive advantage. Differentiation as a strategy is a business analyzing its strengths, weaknesses, the needs of its customers, and the overall value it can provide.

Focused cost leadership

Focused cost leadership entails businesses competing based on prices to target a narrow or specific market. This does not necessarily mean having the lowest charge in the market or industry. It instead means to identify your target market and charge prices they can afford while still competing relatively with other firms.

Focused Differentiation

This is when a company differentiates a specific product or service from other products offered in the same category. To achieve this, companies usually focus on their unique abilities to stand out when using this strategy. 

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Writing a business strategy

Writing a business strategy or vision takes more than a few hours; it is often associated with a SWOT analysis. Below are several steps to follow when writing a business strategy:

1.    When it comes to writing a business strategy, the first is to develop a vision. This is an aspiration of what type of company it aims to be. It should articulate what success for the company looks like.

2.    Define competitive advantage by identifying how your company can deliver unique value to its customers. A well-thought-out business strategy considers how a company could create space from its competitors through the services, prices, and delivery.

3.    Define targets as one of the most significant barriers when growing as a business is poor targeting. Define niches and specialties allow you to focus resources, create integrated sales, and make marketing approaches.

4.    Focus on systematic growth; your business strategy should identify how and what segments of your company will grow.

5.    Think long term; factor in the constant changes occurring around you, as thinking short term robs companies of seeing the future.

6.    Invest in your pre-work. If you want to write a good strategy, you will want to do your research intensively. Conduct background checks and prepare relevant data.

7.    Measure your results precisely and execute. Each strategy should be actionable. Execution requires discipline and responsibility to keep your team on the prize.

Importance of a business strategy

Enlisted here is an elaborate list on the importance of a business strategy. Several factors prove why business strategy is essential; they include but are not limited to the following:

1.    A business strategy's main aim is to help you identify the critical steps taken to reach a set goal for your business.

2.    It helps you identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business. It enables you to figure out a way to optimize your strengths and compensate or eliminate your shortcomings.

3.    It helps you effectively allocate resources for your business activities, making you more efficient.

4.    A business strategy gives you more power and control when choosing the activities that will make you more efficient. It helps you plan for deadlines ahead of time and help allocate job roles and stay on track for your goals.

5.    It gives you a clear plan for achieving all our goals and objectives, allowing you to focus more on capitalizing on your strengths. This gives you a unique and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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