How to Write an Essay

how to write an essay

This article presents information on how to write an essay. An essay is a short piece of writing based on a particular topic. Before writing, always make sure you have understood the details of the assignment. There are three factors to consider when writing: thesis, type, and audience. An academic essay is a structured form of writing for students primarily purposed to either support an argument or deliver new ideas using existing facts. This type of writing allows the student to be able to communicate their ideas and develop them creatively.

How to Write an Essay Outline

If you are wondering about how to write an essay outline, you are in the correct forum. An academic essay is a piece of writing focused on an idea or argument that uses evidence, analysis, and interpretation. There are several essay types you may be asked to write as a student, depending on your level of education. It is a learning tool made to help writers present their ideas in a non-fiction way. An essay outline goes beyond providing political manifestos, personal observations, art criticism, and reflections.

An essay can be as long as 5 thousand words, as short as 500 words, or less. However, the best range falls between 1000 to 3000 words as it provides enough space to develop your ideas. A particular topic or voice does not bind essay topics. They allow the writer to be able to write about just anything. An essay outline comprises three main and important parts:


This guides the reader into the paper by introducing the topic; it should be catchy and intriguing. A good thesis statement is essential as it focuses on your essay; a weak one gives you a hard time defending your arguments.


This consists of two to three paragraphs supporting your arguments. Always try to keep them brief and precise, making it easy for you to pass across your points and for them to be easily identified.


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How to Write a College Essay

 If you are wondering How to Write a College Essay, you have visited the right website. You have three factors to consider when writing a college essay; the thesis, type of essay, and audience. Before deciding on what to write, first, ensure you have understood your assignment, the goal, length, and deadline. Choose the topic you want to write about. It is always better to choose a topic you are familiar with or passionate about. Research your topic thoroughly, come up with a clear thesis, and then map out a rough structure of your essay to create an outline.

The introduction of your essay sets the tone for the rest of your essay; it determines whether the audience piques interest in your work. The introductory paragraph should comprise a hook and clearly define your thesis; it should show your essay's direction. The thesis is used to rather announce your stand on the topic at hand.

The next step is to provide background information supporting your views and opinions. This is the essential part of your essay as the body gives all the background information and context to your argument. It comprises about 60 to 80% of your essay, and it should have a clear structure with each idea centered in its paragraph. Finish with a reasonable conclusion that returns you to the thesis without sounding repetitive, ties together your main points, and shows why your argument matters.

Format on How to Write an Essay

If you are wondering about the Format on How to Write an Essay, you are in the right place. An essay is a piece of writing meant to convince the reader of something or inform them on a topic. For this to be achieved, there are several factors to put in mind. The main parts of an essay are the introduction, body, and conclusion. A standard essay comprises about five paragraphs as not to overwhelm the reader. Below are five qualities of a good essay:

1.    Focus: Your essay should have a clear and well-centered idea, with each paragraph having a definite topic sentence.

2.    Development and unity: Each paragraph in your essay should either support or help expound on the thesis.

3.    Consciences: Your essay should be brief and straight to the point without the use of unnecessary words or explanations.

4.    Coherence: Your essay should be organized logically, with a smooth flow of ideas to ensure everything makes sense to your reader.

5.    Correctness: Be sure to proofread your work and ensure it is in the correct grammar, language, complete sentences, and has relatively close to zero errors.

Types of essays

Essays can be categorized into four main types, although some may be similar in structure:

1.    A narrative essay:

This essay details a story often from a particular point of view. It includes a detailed set of characters, location, good plot, and climax to your story

2.    A descriptive essay:

This essay describes everything in detail, with its subject being anything from a place, an animal, to an animate object.

3.    An expository essay:

This essay is used to look into a problem, contrast, and explore its implications.

4.    Persuasive essays:

It is also known as an argumentative essay since it allows the audience to listen and understand opinions on a specific topic. 

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Tips On How to Write an Essay

This section presents Tips on How to Write an Essay by Professional Tutors. When it comes to writing an essay, there are several factors to consider to deliver quality, complete work that meets the set standards:


Your audience is a crucial factor when writing your essay, as your reader has a set of expectations. Considering your audience has a definite and positive effect on your work.


Your audience and purpose are intertwined. If your audience lacks information, then the purpose is instructional; if they are experts, it would be demonstrational. The purpose of your essay is a decisive factor in the essay.


Structure and priorities matter as your audience has to be guided by the flow of your thoughts. Otherwise, they may get lost or overwhelmed with your work.


The writing style you decide to use should be in the correct format, consistent, and suitable for your audience.


This means your chain of thought from one statement to the next creates a clear connection for your readers.


Before presenting your work, be sure to ask yourself if the information flows and whether the overall format is good enough and appealing to your readers.

Format on How to Write an Essay

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