Expository Essay Writing

expository essay writing

If you are wondering where to get Expository Essay Writing Information including structure, format, and examples, you are in the right place. An expository essay intends to explain or describe something or a subject by providing a clear, focused explanation on a particular topic, set of ideas, or process. It means to prove a certain point, topic, or ideology and instead gives a balanced and objective view of the subject matter. They are usually short and intended to test your writing skills together with your knowledge and understanding of a particular subject.

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Expository Essay Writing Example

If you are looking for an Expository Essay Writing Example, this is the right forum. This essay requires the student to investigate an idea, evaluate the evidence in question, expound on the theory, and set an argument concerning the matter clearly and concisely. You can achieve this through contrast, definition, examples, and comparison of the subject matters at hand. With this type of essay, you can account for facts only.

The primary purpose of an expository essay is to give a balanced, objective description of a topic to allow a clear and logical explanation of complex information. Unlike an argumentative essay, an expository essay does not aim at proving a point or providing personal opinions on an issue. There are five main types of expository essays:

1.    Cause and effect essay

2.    Compare and contrast essay

3.    Descriptive essay

4.    Problem and solution essay

5.    Process essay

Expository Essay Outline

An Expository Essay Outline Comprises of the following:


This is one of the primary features of an excellent expository essay, as it needs a background description. However, be careful not to derail from the topic at hand, and all details should be written in chronological order.


All illustrations made should be relevant, with all references in support of the subject matter included and cited.


This is a vital part of writing an expository essay. You have to include the facts and explanations that build up and support your points.


Through analysis, the essay is broken down into parts to help create order and flow of the argument.


Writing an expository essay requires you to use clear and concise language for your readers to understand what you are trying to put across easily.


Your approach should be unbiased and not in support of either side of the argument and instead based on facts.


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Expository Essay Format

The Expository Essay Format is probably the most systematic. It includes a review of all as it requires many facts as its primary focus. Below are several factors to consider when writing an expository essay.

Choose your essay structure

When writing an expository essay, the first step is to decide how to structure your work since it makes it more accessible for the reader to go through. The general format includes an introductory paragraph, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion, the length is dependent on your instructions.

Focus on clarity

Writing an expository essay requires you to use clear and concise language for your readers to comprehend. Be sure to not use any figurative language or your readers are not likely to understand. It is difficult to make a strong case to confused readers.

Thesis statement

For a good essay, a strong thesis statement and topic sentences are required since they are the core of your paper. This can be achieved by summarizing your argument into one sentence before expounding on them to give a glimpse of what you want to say. A good thesis statement enhances clarity.

Use transitions

Most people tend to forget transitioning statements or use concluding sentences in their place. A transitioning sentence is vital as it helps your arguments flow. They should be clear and express the logic unfolding from your main ideas onto the next part of your argument.

Supporting information

Facts and statistics are a vital part of the expository essay as they act as bases for all your arguments thus make sure to use all the relevant sources.

Expository Essay Structure

This section provides information on the Expository Essay Structure. Like all essays, the outline of your essay is vital; it gives your work structure and makes it easier to transition between ideas, making it easy for your audience to remain interested. Below is the complete structure for an expository essay:


An expository essay begins with an introduction that serves as the hook to keep the readers interested. Start by briefly introducing your topic and then provide a thesis statement briefly summarizing what you are going to talk.


This is where you get into details and cover your topic in depth; it often consists of three or more paragraphs depending on the length as instructed. It is essential to make sure that each idea is broken down into separate and definite sections introduced with a topic sentence. Different topics, all related to the subject matter, should be presented logically and chronologically.


Your conclusion serves as a summary of the topic under discussion and should not present any new information or pieces of evidence. Instead, it should focus on reinforcing the points you already made without sounding repetitive and still sum up your work in an engaging way.

Expository Essay Examples for Colleges

This section provides information on Expository Essay Examples for Colleges. A vital part of writing a good essay is having a solid title, and for that reason, you have to explore and find a topic best suited for you. Below are a number of great issues to make your work easier.

Social Problems

1.    Teenage pregnancy

2.    Relevance of school uniforms

3.    Consequences of drug abuse

4.    How does internet addiction affect teens?

5.    The power of a young mind

Ethical issues

1.    Discuss death penalty

2.    Effects of racism

3.    Effects of police brutality

4.    Your understanding of morality

5.    Consequences of xenophobia

Health issues

1.    How to stay healthy

2.    Consequences of fast food

3.    How do health and Intelligence Quotient relate

4.    Is heroism termed "normal" concerning mental health

5.    How does an older person live healthy

Essays on literature

1.    Is Dorian Gray a villain or victim

2.    What is the role of secondary characters

3.    What are the consequences of being a chosen one concerning Harry Potter

4.    Effects of H. Wells "Time machine"

5.    Analyze the author's style in The Mocking Bird.

Expository Essay How to Write

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