Descriptive Essay Examples

descriptive essay example

You can find Descriptive Essay Examples from professionals here. A descriptive essay offers a vivid elaboration of a particular subject; it can be in the form of a book, newspaper article, reports, or research papers accounts of an event. A descriptive essay, like a narrative, is more on the creative end as compared to most academic writings. They are used to test your ability to manipulate language creatively and originally while conveying a memorable image of the object of your description to the audience.

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Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay provides a vivid elaboration concerning something. It can be a place or an object or something abstract such as an emotion. This form of writing generally appeals to the reader's five senses from sight, touch, taste, feel, and hearing. In writing this type of essay, the author aims to paint an appealing vivid picture of a scenario with a particular purpose.

This essay creates a platform for one to express feelings on a particular subject; the writing style used in this form of writing is usually expressive. It may include quite a number of opinions, comparisons, and descriptions, personal and sensory perceptions.

Descriptive Essay Outline

While there are many qualities of this essay, below is the Descriptive Essay Outline to help you achieve quality work:

Capture the reader's interests

An excellent descriptive essay should be interesting for the reader. You can make your essay appealing by using words, considering your audience's preferences and descriptions that pique their interests.


Following the rule of "show and not tell" helps, you create vivid descriptions giving your readers a visual idea and experience of the subject. Through vivid descriptions, the writer can convey to the reader's impressions based on perception or emotions.

Sensory experience

Use the five senses to convey personal perceptions on the subject at hand through such details with the help of symbolic information. Sensory details make your essay more vibrant and appealing to the reader's imagination, while figurative elements entail using similes and metaphors for description.

Objective vs. subjective viewpoint

This means a descriptive essay can either be objective, meaning concrete or factual or subjective, meaning personal. The type of essay you create is determined by what sense of emotion you want from your audience. While presenting a purely objective paper might be hard, it can be achieved by reducing subjectivity and including more objective factors before adding feelings and personal opinions.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

This section describes how to write a descriptive essay. There are several factors to consider when writing a descriptive essay to ensure your article is rich and meets standards:


Although a descriptive essay does not have a set structure, having a well-organized paper generally has a better audience response.

The senses

Using the five senses plays a crucial role in your essay; it appeals to the reader by describing them in great relatable details. It should express how the object looks, feel, the sounds in the setting, the smells, and the atmosphere.

Vivid Language

To have a quality and well-written essay, your work should be rich in descriptive vocabulary to make it more interesting. The use of vivid language should be concise and relevant to the topic to not confuse the reader and instead add flavor.

Emotions and feeling

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Descriptive Essay Structure

Like any other essay, the Descriptive Essay Structure is vital as it organizes your paper, gives it form, and helps your writing flow better. Therefore, it is essential to take time and think of your paper's subject as it is based on it. Below is the complete structure and outline of a descriptive essay.


The introductory paragraph serves as an introduction to your subject of choice as it is supposed to have enough context to grasp an idea of your thoughts. Keep it brief, and do not over share at this point yet; your work should still have some suspense to it. A traditional descriptive introduction consists of a hook sentence, background information, and a thesis statement.


A body usually consists of three or more paragraphs depending on the length assigned, covering different points or arguments. A body paragraph first starts with a topic sentence followed by sensory details, and the last part includes all the essential information. Always finish your body paragraph with some sort of introduction to the next part as the use of transition will help your story flow instead of appearing like a list.


When you conclude a descriptive essay, your decision should summarize all the main points in the text. You should achieve this in a certain way that does not make your writing sound repetitive. A good idea is to use a final sentence related to your paper's main point. Your conclusion should consist of a reflection on the initial purpose of the work, its significance of primary details, and a decisive factor statement that leaves the audience intrigued.

Finish by going through your paper and ensuring it has minimal to no errors and is written in the correct format and language.

Descriptive Essay Topics

When assigned a descriptive, it generally comes with a specific or a number of prompts to choose from and is often about describing a point from your life experience. Have a look at sample Descriptive Essay Topics that will help you start writing.

- Personal descriptive essay prompts

- Describe somewhere you love to spend time.

- Describe something that has sentimental value

- You can also be asked to describe something from your imagination rather than your own experience.

- Describe the experience of a doctor in a war zone.

- Describe what you imagine life on Mars to be like.

Other times one can be asked to describe something rather abstract, like a specific emotion.

Describe the feeling of happiness.

Other topic examples include the following as your subject:

Ø An animal

Ø An event

Ø An occupation

Ø A behavior

Ø A person

When you are not given a specific prompt, go for something you are confident of describing in detail, can provoke emotions, and be described interestingly. Then, when it comes to a descriptive essay, the most sincere feeling can be turned into a topic of interest.

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