Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay comprises of an evaluation of similarities and differences between two of more aspects. Comparison means discussing two or more similar elements, while contrasts comprise elements that differ. Therefore, a compare and contrast essay is the analysis of elements by subjecting them to contrasts and comparisons. The key to writing a good compare and contrast essay is having two or more subjects connect in a meaningful way.

Educational institutions provide tests such as these to enhance literacy among students. A research conducted at the University of Indiana demonstrated the efficacy of writing assignments using faculty members and the approaches they used on the syllabus. Writing assignments was one of the important features that boost academic performance. According to the paper, writing enhances learning, comprehension, synthesis, and reflection on problem solving. 

The main purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to conduct a comparison and contrast rather than stating the obvious. It is meant to illuminate the subtle differences and unexpected similarities between the subjects in question. A good hack when comparing is picking something that does not seem related at first. The hack for conducting a contrast is picking elements that seem related. 

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How to Start a Compare and Contrast Essay

If you are wondering how to start a Compare and Contrast Essay, you have come to the right place. This essay provides multiple points of view between two or more subjects, concepts, items, or places. It shows similarities and differences between the components. The first step to writing a good essay is to find a basis that ensures these components have enough in common. When writing this essay you have the option of alternating the contrasts and comparisons. You could also use the block method that entails stacking comparisons and contrasts against each other and focusing on one at a time.

Note that when comparing and contrasting components, they should have as much in common as in contrast. If you have many differences with no similarities, you will not be able to write a compare and contrast essay well.  A compare and contrast essay hangs on the balance between similarities and differences. The University of North Carolina provides an elaborate list of conditions that exemplify a great compare and contrast essay. 

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

This section narrates what is a Compare and Contrast Essay Outline. The following characteristics are essential for the outline.

1. Clear and concise

When one is writing this type of essay, one may flow with ideas. Remember to keep your ideas short and straight to the point. Your work should exhibit the correctness as instructed by your guide

2. Relevant to the topic

In order to focus on your thesis, ensure it is relevant to the topic. This will help guide your audience through your concepts.

3. Clear of grammatical errors

A good essay should be proof read to ensure it has zero grammatical errors. This helps with the flow of ideas.

4. Chronological structure and presentation

You should write your work in a way that shows order. The transitions give it structure in a way that makes it a great presentation.

5. Meaningful unity

Your essay should be subjective, but still have internal semantic unity. Despite all your points being different, they should all conclude the essay’s main idea. 

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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing

Are you about to start the Compare and Contrast Essay Writing? You have come to the right place. Enlisted below are things to consider.

The audience

Before writing any essay, your primary consideration should be your audience, as they are a crucial factor in how your work is taken in and perceived. Your audience already has a set number of expectations for you to meet, which affects your writing content.

The purpose

Your purpose and audience are intertwined; having this in mind affects whether your essay is meant to be instructional or appear as a demonstration of knowledge and expertise.


This refers to the transition between one idea to the next. It helps your audience make a clear connection between your thoughts and concepts.

Research material

When writing your essay, it needs to be backed by facts and data supporting your arguments. For example, the quality of a compare and contrast essay is mainly based on the number of points and data it is backed up

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

Are you wondering what the Compare and Contrast Essay Structure is? You have come to the right place. It comprises of:


A good introduction sets the tone of your essay; it should have a great hook, such as a rhetorical question or a bold statement. Like any other essay, it should also have a strong thesis statement and topic sentences that acts as a road map.


Your body should consist of at least four paragraphs or more, depending on the word limit. Each section should focus on a singular idea, beginning with a topic sentence explaining your subjects' contrast or comparison. Repeat this process a couple of times to get your points through and ensure you have good transitioning sentences between the paragraphs. This provides a chronological flow of thoughts and points for your essay, critical for your audience.


To have a great compare and contrast essay, your work needs a reasonable conclusion summarizing all the points in your essay. It should share your final insights and reinforce your thesis for the overall essay. It should not sound repetitive and instead leave your reader with something positive to ponder.


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

You will find Compare and Contrast Essay Topics here. You may or may not always have the freedom of choosing a topic, so when you do, choosing the wrong topic is not an option. This reduces your chances of writing a good essay, especially if your issue is too complex or unmanageable. If this or indecision becomes the case, you can always contact essay-writing services; otherwise, below are several excellent topics handpicked for you:

1. Getting a scholarship or paying for college

2. Getting employed or working as a freelancer

3. Early morning routines vs. late-night routines

4. Monarchy vs. democracy

5. Communism vs. capitalism

6. Working out or dieting

7. Living in a big city or living in the countryside

8. Adulthood vs. childhood

9. Traditional medicine vs. western medicine

10. Drugs vs. vaccines

11. Predator or prey

12. Earth vs. Mars

13. Nazism or Fascism

14. Greek vs. Roman philosophy

25. Relativism vs. idealism

Compare and Contrast Essay Writer

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In conclusion, a compare and contrast essay distinguishes the similarities and differences in a topic, item, or place. It is essential to establish the foundation to lay the similarities before writing down this paper. One may use the alternating method that entails listing a similarity followed by a contrast or by using the block method, which involves writing down the similarities first, then creating a section for the contrasts. There are resources that enlighten students on essays. Such material is essential for students. Academic institutions value the input provided by such educational resources. Extensive research on the field will always contribute to your writing skills. 

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