Cause ‚Äčand Effect Essay

A Cause and Effect Essay is a typical type of essay. When asked to write a cause and effect essay, you first need to understand its primary purpose and structure. The purpose of a cause and effect essay determines its structure. For instance, how you approach an informative article differs from how you approach an argumentative one. Also referred to as reason and result, this type of essay is meant to examine a situation or event that came into being and its implications.

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Cause and Effect Essay Structure

This section elaborates the Cause and Effect Essay Structure. It is important to consider that this essay looks at the reasons behind an event and then discusses it and its implications. Thus, this essay is a form of an argumentative essay that delves into the relationship between two components. A definitive cause and effect essay focuses on how the author brings out the action and reaction between two events.

Instructors assign this essay to help develop a student's critical thinking, logic, and persuasive writing skills. In the outside world, this form of essay can take up the form of a lab report, a scientific study, or even a scholarly research paper. As in all these settings, an author describes a phenomenon and tries to identify the primary cause.

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas               

Here are some Cause and Effect Essay Ideas you could look into. They have been handpicked for you. When writing a cause and effect essay, it is best to distinguish between the causes and effects of what you would like to write. You can also take advantage of our custom essay writing service and place an order. Our experts will attend to you and deliver a paper that will blow your mind.

Below are some of the qualities that help guide you and make your essay stand out:

1.    Use multiple instances of causes and effects as various causes can lead to one outcome. Additionally, one event can produce a chain of events.

2.    Have a clear purpose for your essay. Your essay may be expressive, informative, or persuasive. Consider that some as some essays have to embody a number of purposes.

3.    Have a clear thesis statement. This helps identify the topic. The thesis statement helps prepare the reader for what the essay is about.

4.    Ensure your work has a logical organization and is written in chronological order.

5.    Ensure your work has a detailed analysis of the situation by including diverse materials such as facts, descriptions, statistics, anecdotes, and contrasts.  

 Cause and Effect Essay Writing

There are a number of factors to consider before starting the Cause and Effect Essay Writing Process. This section elaborates on all of them.

The audience

Considering your target audience is something you should do before you begin your essay. The audience has expectations and whether you meet them or not, will affect the contents of your work and how they perceive it.

The topic

Selecting a good topic is a primary factor when writing a cause-and-effect essay. Cause and effect essays require extensive research. It is always advisable to pick a topic you are already well-versed in to make the arguments easier.

The purpose

The purpose of your essay and audience are intertwined. The audience knows less than the writer does, and a demonstration of your knowledge and expertise is critical for the integrity of your essay.


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Cause and Effect Essay Outline

This section elaborates the Cause and Effect Essay Outline by analyzing each section.


When writing the introduction, describe the event or situation that your essay will explore. Like any other essay, include your thesis statement. The thesis statement anchors the essay.

Body paragraphs (causes)

This should take about two paragraphs depending on the length requirements. Start with the leading cause, and provide the evidence to back the claims. This is then followed by providing the secondary effects in your writing.

Body paragraphs (effects)

In a similar manner as the first paragraph, start the second paragraph with primary effects of the phenomenon, followed by paragraphs discussing the secondary outcomes. A crucial part of writing an outstanding essay is having enough evidence to back up your claims.


When it comes to writing your conclusion, you should reiterate your thesis statement and summarize the points you made in your essay. You should do this in a way that doesn't make it repetitive and leaves your reader with something to think about.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

You have come to the right place for Cause and Effect Essay Topics. We have enumerated the topics for you. One of the critical factors for writing a good cause and effect essay is having a good title. It may take you hours thinking and researching about a suitable topic to discuss that corresponds with the title provided. Instead of going through all that trouble, we have come up with a list of good topics that are wide and relatively easy to discuss:

1. Causes behind voting apathy

2. Causes behind poverty

3. Effects of getting an abortion in a relationship

4. Effects of divorce on children

5. Effects of obesity

6. Causes and effects of exercise addiction

7. Effects of psychological health on physical wellbeing

8. Effects of toxic masculinity in marriage

9. Effects of colonialism from the colonizer's view

10. Causes and effects of being homeless in today's society

11. Effects of cohabiting before marriage

12. Effects of social networks on real-life communication

13. Cause and effects of social media enslavement in today's society

14. Cause and effect of failing exams

15. Why depression is the most widespread disease in today's society

Cause and Effect Essay Writing

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