How to Write in Cursive

When writing an invitation or an informal letter you might want to write beautifully. This is where cursive writing comes in handy. Using this form of handwriting, one is able to come up with a beautiful piece of writing. Unfortunately, not everyone who desires to write in an interesting manner knows how to write in cursive. This means that some people have a hard time impressing their readers with a breathtaking handwriting. Did you know that you can learn writing in this manner quite easily? You should commence the process of learning how to use this style of writing by choosing the right writing materials. A dotted lined paper and a fountain pen are important when learning how to write in cursive.

You should begin learning how to write in cursive by sketching the alphabets

One of the easiest ways that as a beginner you can learn how to master this type of handwriting is to begin by learning the alphabets. Specifically, you should begin by sketching each of the lower alphabets in cursive. To make this whole process easy for you, you should begin with alphabets that have almost similar strokes including “a”, “c”, “d”, and “b”. Once you have mastered such alphabets sketching the rest will become quite easy. Once you are sure that you can write the small letters in cursive you should go ahead and start sketching capital letters. After mastering the art of writing both lower and uppercase letters in cursive, the whole process of writing in cursive becomes quite easy.

Practicing writing in cursive with words

Once you have successfully learnt to write both capital and small letters in cursive, you should proceed to practicing using words. You can start with simple words before proceeding to more complex ones. You should be keen to make sure that the words that you write in cursive are in the style that you desire and that they are readable. Once you are comfortable with writing different words in cursive then you can go ahead and begin writing paragraphs using this style of handwriting. If you can successfully do this then you will have mastered the art of using this style of writing.

Factors that affect how well one can write in cursive

There are a number of factors that affect how well one can write in cursive. One of such factors is the angle that one is sited. It is advisable that you should always sit upright when writing using this kind of handwriting. The angle that you have placed your writing surface is yet another factor. You should slant the writing angle a little bit to make sure that you are comfortable. It is also advisable to move the writing surface across from left to right rather than moving your hand. This will ensure that there is consistent with the cursive letters that you write. If there is something that you still do not fully understand about how to write in cursive then we strongly suggest that you contact us today.


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