Literature Review Writing Process

Perhaps you have been wondering, “What is literature review?” in essence, this is the act of tracking down, retrieving, reading and critiquing materials that are related to a certain topic. Owing to this fact, it is normally quite a time-consuming academic process. Planning on how to conduct literature review writing process is thus important if at all you would like to be effective in this academic task. Generally, most students find the whole task of reviewing literature to be really overwhelming. This is especially true for those students who do not fully understand how to write a literature review for a research paper. It does not mean that you should despair if you are one of such students. It might excite you to know that we can help you. By contacting us today, you can be assured of getting reliable guidance.

How to write literature review for a research paper

Generally, writing a research paper is not as easy as doing other types of academic assignments. This is normally the case because conducting empirical research comes with its fair share of challenges. Overcoming such obstacles sometimes proves too difficult for students to it without professional help. One of the crucial tasks that you need to execute when writing this type of paper is reviewing literature. If you therefore do not fully understand how to write a literature review for a research paper, then you should expect to have a difficult time. This holds true only if you are one of those students who shy away from looking for assistance. Smart students normally do not have any problem with hiring an expert to guide them through the literature review writing process.

Important steps in literature review

Breaking down the whole process of reviewing literature into different stages makes it easy to be thorough when executing this task. Notably, there are a number of important steps in literature review that you ought to take. The first one is defining the scope of your review. In others words, you need to come up with a practical way of differentiating relevant from irrelevant materials. It is practical to do this by developing a topic. The topic should among other things be specific and relevant. The second step that you ought to take is to identify places that might contain relevant information. Such places include your institution’s library and online. The advantage of looking for information sources in the library is that whatever you get is more likely to be reliable.

Is it a good idea to use any material that you get online?

Anyone who understands how to write review of related literature knows that not all online materials are reliable. This means that using just any relevant material that you stumble upon can be disastrous. You ought to verify the validity of each material prior to using it. Exactly how can you do this? Well, there are a number of ways through which you can do this. To begin with, you should check the data of publication. It is not a good idea to use materials that are older than ten years when reviewing literature for a research paper. Secondly, you should confirm whether the article under consideration is peer-reviewed or not. If it is not peer reviewed, then chances of it containing unreliable information are quite high. The qualification of author(s) can also help you determine whether a given material is trustworthy or not.

How to write review of related literature

Once you are through with verifying reliability of different relevant information sources, you should move on to the next stage. In other words, you should keenly read such materials. Even before reading any material, you ought to commence by noting its bibliographical details. The reason behind this is that you do not want to end up struggling when citing your work. Noting the bibliographical information of every material will enable you to have an easy time then referencing your paper. It is important to find a way to synthesize information obtained from different information sources. Students who know the key steps in literature review fully understand this. Failure to synthesize information will result into writing an incoherent paper. Our experts who understand the literature review writing process can assist you with this task.

Helpful tips for conducting literature review

• Avoid procrastination- Students who do not fully understand how to write a review of related literature are excellent at postponing this task. If you make this mistake, then you will struggle to finish your literature review paper on time. • Be sure to acknowledge authors of all materials used- If you fail to give credit where its due, then you risk being accused of plagiarism. This is such a grave academic offense hence you should try your level best to avoid it. • Utilize a literature review matrix when writing this type of paper- Using such a matrix will make organizing information to become really easy. This in turn means that you will be able to write a coherent paper. • Be cautious when using gray literature- This kind of literature may contain information that is not accurate.

Would you like guidance on how to write review of related literature?

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